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When Hilary first asked me to write a post about my 1 year anniversary with Body Back, my first reaction was “YES! I would love to,” and then immediately thought, “Ugh, I have not had stellar progress as of late. I shouldn’t be writing a post. Maybe I’ll start wearing a sauna suit to workout in.”

Well I haven’t started wearing a sauna suit or any other sort of gimmicky weight loss devices. It has however taken me a bit of time to actually write this and get myself ok with not being where I had envisioned I would be 1 year later. I will say that I still have had a decent amount of weight loss and fitness level increase. I don’t want to discount how far I actually have come on this journey. And like all growth experiences, it isn’t always easy. But as I have heard Hilary say on many occasions, “It’s a process.” And it is. I have had to learn to break some not great habits and gain some good habits, like drinking water. When I first started I couldn’t do a full burpee without modifications. I would have to step out one foot at a time into plank and then step back up one foot...


Well I have officially survived 3 sessions! When I first met Hilary to do my initial assessments she said there were several people in my class that were "lifers", I told her that would probably become me. And despite all of the times I got frustrated or slacked off I really think I will be a lifer. I still have a ways to go to get where I would ideally like to be, but I can not imagine not having Body Back in my life.

I will say this last session has so far been the one I've struggled with the most. Some lifestyle changes have happened that impacted my workout schedule and eating habits and this session fell during birthdays and Easter. My biggest addiction and weak spot is sugar, in all its incarnations, and having birthdays every other week severely impacted my ability to stay on the Body Back food plan. Hilary has always said it is fine to have a treat here and there, but really my treats were multiple times a week and not in appropriate portions. Ugh. However I still made progress over the course...


For this edition of Workout Wednesday, we bring you a Butts & Guts class! This workout is a sure fire way to work those booty muscles as well as your core. Enjoy!


I survived another session and made it to assessments! The days and possibly week(s) leading up to assessments were a bit nerve wracking. I felt like I needed to be stellar because I was sharing my story this session. Not at all because Hilary was putting pressure on me, it all came from within, no pressure from the outside.

But all of that stress was needless. Once I weighed-in I knew assessments were going to go well. This session I lost 16 pounds, averaging 2 pounds a week which is pretty decent and healthy loss. I have said before in a previous post that I do not have a goal weight but despite that I do get a thrill out of seeing the numbers diminish, who wouldn't? Added to my first 6 week session I have a combined loss of 29 pounds, amazing! In addition to that I lost a total of 7.25 inches overall (13.5 inches throughout my entire Body Back journey to date). No wonder my pants fall off if I run or bend over in them, time to shop for some ones!

I didn't just lose stuff this session, I definitely gained strength and endurance. I was able to increase in every...


Last full week before assessments! I started to feel better this week but am still having some cardio endurance issues. Thankfully I was able to do more workouts this week than last, 5 of 7 days I was able to get exercise in and no back-to-back rest days. I again started the week with Stroller Strides, had my 2 days of Body Back, plus the Booty Back DVD, which I always manage to do the day before a leg heavy class.

Tuesday we had a little snafu getting into the building and we weren't able to workout as a group. Instead Kendra posted our workout to Facebook and we completed it on our own. She gave us the Ultimate Pyramid, a count down workout that starts at 50 and goes down by 5s all the way to 5, doing 2 exercises at each number and once you get to 5 you back up to 50. For some reason I, a spaz, started to second guess myself while do the workout and got worried that I was doing it wrong by doing both exercises so when I got to 5 I stopped. It didn't help that I had convinced my husband to do it with me and he was starting to wilt, also both kids woke up from nap and...


It's Workout Wednesday time!! Find some time for YOU today and give this workout a try!


Ugh! This has seriously been the worst week, of Body Back and in general. The cold that started coming on over the weekend turned into a full-blown chest cold with a nasty sore throat. It was really draining and made me not really want to do anything for most of the week. I was able to get in a Stroller Strides and my 2 Body Back days and one other day of rollerblading with the family. But I’ve been trying to only take 1 day off a week and this forced me to take 3. We are coming up on assessments soon and I want to have an amazing improvement, like I did with my first session. I have doubts as to how much progress will show.

Tuesday’s class was a typical rounds class with nothing too different but still a good workout. Body Back is always a good workout for me regardless of the type of class it is, I think that is why I enjoy it so much. No matter what we do I always feel that I’ve gotten a better workout in than anything I could have ever come up with on my own at the gym. I did struggle a bit with the cardio portions because I wasn’t really breathing well and my chest was...


I did something a little different this week with workouts. In a previous post I mentioned that I didn’t come to Body Back through Stroller Strides, I wasn’t a member and hadn’t done one of the classes before. But with my second Body Back Session I purchased a 10-pass, giving me flexibility to go to any Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, or Boost classes. Originally I thought I was going to be doing boost every week, but that hasn’t worked out yet. So I did Stroller Strides on Monday and enjoyed it, wishing I hadn’t waited two and a half years to go. It was nice to get pushed a little more than just doing the videos at home and having a longer workout. I also like getting my workouts done in the morning, it just sets the rest of the day up way better, and doing home workouts I usually have to...


This week was about remembering why I decided to start this Body Back journey. First and foremost I did it for me, not for my husband, not for my kids, just for me. But in joining this awesome group of ladies it did become a little bit about doing it for the rest of my family. The meal plan has given me that much needed inspiration to cook healthier meals and keep less processed foods in the house. I’ve been making sure we always have a stock of fruits and veggies, not that we didn’t before but it takes up much more shelf space now. And I’ve noticed some amazing things happening that really make this all the more worth it. Fiona is asking for more healthy things like green apples at the grocery store, we usually get some type of red. And the other day she asked to share my snack of celery. In addition to food choices she has also become a little Hilary. Everyday at some point, if she hasn’t seen me do it, Fiona will ask me if I am going to exercise or do a workout. This usually comes around the time I am putting her or her brother down for a nap. And she will often follow it with...


This week was somewhat of a different one for me. I had a real eye opener on Tuesday when I lost some of the progress I had made with the scale. I gained a pound back. I was getting too comfortable in the program, I wasn’t pushing myself as much as I should have been during workouts and I wasn’t being strict with my portion control. I also had some sugary things (cupcakes) during the football game that I shouldn’t have. I have a real bad sweet tooth that I can’t seem to get under control; it is all or nothing for me. I was getting comfortable with the progress I was making, consistently seeing results, and thought I could make exceptions here and there, right? Wrong, and it showed.

So this week, was a get your “Mind Right” week for me. Hilary will often use that phrase in class when there is a lot of complaining or possibly lack luster effort, and I have to say it really is the truth. Starting with an attitude of negativity will do nothing to help during struggle.

Tuesday’s class was a little different, a style I hadn’t done before. I think Hilary called them Super...


Midweek slump got you down? Have no fear, Workout Wednesday is here! Give this workout a try to boost your mood and metabolism.


Hooray for Friday’s class! It was a tough a** circuit class with a bunch of core work and new balance equipment that I hadn’t used before, like the BOSU ball and Step 360. This circuit class was a little different from a normal rounds class because we did each exercise for 2 minutes instead of 1 and every time Hilary would say we were at the half way mark we all thought she was saying we were done for that exercise. I will say that I was a little dumb at the start of class. I got there a little late and was somewhat rushed because the kids still weren’t feeling 100% so I left them at my parents house instead of the childcare at Body Back and Fiona didn’t want me to leave, so I didn’t get out of there when I should have and I rushed through weigh in and getting into the room. When I walked in everyone was at an exercise on the circuit and there were only a few open ones left. First one I saw was the damn inchworm. An exercise involving 2 towels placed under your toes and you going from plank to pike and back. Me being dumb I chose to...


To start off this post I just have to say, this week has been a tough one for me, all around. Both kids came down with coughing colds, which caused them not to sleep well, and then that turned into 2 double ear infections, or a quadruple ear infection. They haven’t been feeling well so they need more love and attention, which I am happy to give and want to make them feel as comfortable as possible, but that means there is less for me. I have been trying to still get in my workouts and eating right, and for the most part I’ve been successful. But I haven’t given it my all either.

Tuesday I woke up with a headache and couldn’t shake it before class. I did go to class but it wasn’t the best workout ever. The burpees, mountain climbers, leap frogs (ugh!), and jump lunges all made the headache worse. I did what I could but by the time of the last tabata of jump lunges came around I just couldn’t do the jumping, so I modified it a bit. Class was a combination of tabata and rounds. We did tabata cardio—meaning it was 4 minutes of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest. Then we did...

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Part 2 of 2 - Meet Shannon & Week 1 (Read Part 1 of 2 here!)

Tuesday, the first day of this session, was exciting. I am so happy to be back working out with these inspiring ladies twice a week. We shared what our goals are this session, as we did at the beginning of the last session. My number one goal is to drink more water. I am a very bad water drinker and I am still a nursing mother, so it is very important that I consume enough water not only for myself but also to make the milk my son needs. After we all shared our goals we got to sweating. The workout was tabata. Let me tell you, I thought I hated tabata. My first experience with it was Thanksgiving morning. It was awful and fantastic at the same time. I went to the special Thanksgiving morning free class that is open to all. I didn’t feel super confident in my workouts yet and it was at 5:45 in the morning, I was used to...

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Hey Moms! Just a reminder that you are amazing, you are doing a fantastic job, and you are loved. Have a great day!


Part 1 of 2 - Meet Shannon

My name is Shannon; I have 2 kids, 2.75 years and 9 months, this is my Body Back story.

I first heard about Body Back and Stroller Strides while attending Evergreen’s Parent-Baby classes with my first, Fiona. For some reason I never seriously considered either. A good friend of mine was a Stroller Strides member, she was in the same class I was and listened to the same talk from Hilary. She seemed to be getting good results and really enjoyed her workouts, especially in the summer time. I was content plugging away at the gym. While I was pregnant with my second, Aidan, a mom I had met at Evergreen was posting her success with Body Back on Facebook. Having gained more with my second I desperately wanted to work on my post baby body a lot more than I was after...


Do you often wonder what produce items you should be buying organic or which are the lowest in pesticides? Our friends at HappyFamily have made it simple for us with this cheat sheet. Print it out and keep it in your wallet for a quick reference at the grocery store!

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Have you ever met someone in your regular Stroller Strides class that has done BodyBack? They are easy to spot. They are the ones that have had dramatic changes in recent weeks or look even better than before they were pregnant. Whether you've met someone who has the body you secretly want, or if you are like me- and are wondering if it is really any different than your current exercise program- well, here's the rundown.

In a Nutshell: BodyBack is a shoot off of Stroller Strides from founder Lisa Druxman. It is a results-based workout designed specifically for moms. Whether you just had a baby or had a baby twenty years ago, it will help any mom get their body back. Ask Hilary, she will introduce you to BodyBack moms in class for proof.

The Exercise Fundamentals: BodyBack is a series of targeted high-intensity workouts, inspiration and motivation in every class. Instead of going at your own pace, this workout encourages you to be challenged- every time. When done in conjunction with Lisa's Mama Wants Her Body Back meal plan and workout DVDs, you can get...


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